11 сеп.

From 2nd to 16th August 2013 was held the 43rd Summer School of Astronomy and Astrophysics “Beli Brezi”, attended by 68 students and teachers.

The school program was filled with observations, lectures, sports, tourism and presentation of the results. It was accepted after discussions and published on the websites of the school. The observations were dominant in the program.

During the school the moods alternated – serious and businesslike during observations and lectures, and cheerful during the volleyball matches, marathons and hiking.




Participants were school kids from Vratsa, Pleven, Polski Trambesh, Ruse, Varna, Burgas, Stara Zagora, Sofia and Kardzhali. Also students from the Faculty of Physics of University of Sofia (Sofia, Bulgaria), Durham University (Durham, UK), Pierre-and-Marie-Curie University (Paris, France), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Boston, USA). The lectors were young specialists and professors from University of Sofia (Bulgaria), Princeton University (USA), Harvard University (USA), University of Vienna (Austria),  Leeds University (UK).



Preliminary results:

Meteors from the Perseids and several other weaker showers were recorded. The radiant points were identified and the results were sent to the International Meteor Organization (IMO). During the school were obtain light curves for several variable stars, and astrophotography of many interesting objects.


Hertzsprung-Russell diagrams were obtained for 3 open clusters – M34, NGC 457 and NGC 7789, and after that were calculated ages of the clusters.


Brightness for 2 cataclysmic variable stars and 3 Wolf-Rayet stars were estimated, all from international campaigns for monitoring.

Two transits of exoplanets orbiting the stars WASP 52b and Corot-2 were estimated, and also a light curve for the asteroid 682 Hagar.

The last 2 nights was estimated the brightness of the Nova in the constellation Delphinus. The observations from the school are one of the first observations in the whole world. The data for the nova and the asteroid are precisely processed now and will be included in future publications in international astronomical journals.

These are results from the work of the CCD photometry group. All images are processed with professional software packages, used by all astronomers around the world.

It is very important that all members of the CCD photometry group mastered the procedures for processing astronomical images. This training allows them to actively participate in other international campaigns for monitoring of variable objects and their work is now on international professional level.



On behalf of all participants we’d like to thank all the companies and people who sponsored this school.




September 2013г.                                           Prepared: Yanina Metodieva

Kardzhali                                                                       Agop Uzunbohosyan

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